Growing orchids outside isn’t much different than indoor orchid care.

Your plants need the right temperatures, lighting, humidity, and water, as usual. You may find that you need to water more frequently outdoors, perhaps even daily. This depends a lot on wind conditions and humidity. If your climate’s temperatures don’t agree with what an orchid needs, keep it indoor!

Very few orchids like direct sunlight; and a shade cloth or a shade tree is usually required that provide alternating light and shade as the sun moves across the sky, provided the light doesn’t stay in one place long enough to cause sunburn!

Pay extra attention to your plants outside as it’s much easier for bugs to get at them, and you’re more likely to have to deal with things like caterpillars! One recommendation is to spray outdoors orchids with a mix of water, horticulture oil or neem oil and several drops of liquid dish detergent every 3 weeks to keep insects away. Also keeping orchids raised off the ground helps to control pests.

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