Phalaenopsis are easy to care for and they bloom and bloom, some for more than three months at a time. They enjoy bright shady conditions and a somewhat water-retentive growing medium. They are sensitive to the cold so they may need a winter home indoors; an eastern window is ideal. Finding a location outdoors in the summer months where they are exposed to loads of fresh air and the day–night temperature change will pay big dividends when it comes time for them to bloom. Just be careful to have them in a location where water cannot collect in the crown of the plant causing rot. a covered porch or pergola is an ideal place to summer your phals.  So if they’re so easy to grow, what can go wrong? I’ve had my share of maladies, from cultural errors to pests and diseases and have also received pictures of Phalaenopsis  problems that other growers have shared, some of which are reproduced herein.