Listing from the shipment that just arrived from Brazil.

The main objective was to restock for the Redland Festival but as many people are not coming, we are sending it so people can reserve items before the event. Shipping will be a few weeks from now, as plants are still being potted and starting to root. Hurricane Ian will likely slow us down for a few days, and we also might lose power and internet. As always, keep in mind that some of these are in very limited (I mean VERY limited) quantities and might not be available in the future. We are also excited we had a chance to get  many of the most recent high quality seedlings from Brazil, mainly purpuratas and walkerianas.

We still have to go through the purpurata and walkeriana items in more detail, so might release an addendum to this list in the future.  With this said, here is the list and if you are interested in ordering just send me an email to (or reply to this one) with the items listed.

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