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Our very own co-President, Brian Leib, will be presenting an overview of common orchid pests and methods to eradicate these pests.  He will also present strategies to help keep your collection pest-free. Brian had a short and ill-fated career in the business world, after which he found happiness through a horticulture internship. After his internship at the Mt. Auburn Cemetery Greenhouse, Brian went on to become the assistant manager of the Brown University Plant Environmental Center and then the greenhouse manager at Harvard’s Weld Hill Research Building, For the past couple decades, Brian has been heavily involved in the ‘wonderful world of all things orchid’, including serving on the board of the Massachusetts Orchid Society where he held several offices, including president and vice president and the Cape and Islands Orchid Society where he is currently the co-president. Brian is is a passionate horticultural educator and enjoys giving talks to orchid societies, garden clubs, and at times, anyone who will listen. He has been known to stop people at big box stores to make sure they know how to take care of the orchid that is in their cart. Brian is experienced in diagnosing and treating plant pests of all types and has never met a Paph he didn’t like.



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