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Our very own Newsletter Editor and Webmaster, Bob Findlay, will be presenting an overview of orchid culture basics.  Tongue firmly planted in cheek, he has entitled his talk “How (not) to kill the orchid you just bought”.  Bob is retired scientist and spent 35 years researching the ecology of microorganisms and the things that eat them (including fish!).  In 1984 while on a research cruise in the Bahamas to study the decomposition of mangrove leaves, he was gifted cuttings from 3 orchids.  A trip to nearby Fennel’s Orchid Jungle, Homestead, FL to purchase a fernwood plaque on which to mount his new orchids started a life-long fascination.  In addition to his current roles with CAIOS, he has served as vice president and president of the Miami Valley Orchid Society and while in Ohio earned 3 AOS awards (AM, FCC and CCM). Over a series of career moves, he has built 3 greenhouses and current operates a 12 x 16 hobby greenhouse in Brewster, MA.  His current collection contains plants representing 23 different orchid genera plus numerous intergeneric hybrids.





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