Cape and Islands Orchid Society Display at 2023 New Hampshire Show

Michael Lincoln, Millard Hennessee, Brian Leib, Bill Golden, Tina Balog, Tom Gregg, Peter Smith, and Kelly Grinnan contributed plants to the Society display.  Tuesday, Michele transported plants from the mid-cape area to Tina’s.  On Wednesday, Tina groomed and containerized the plants.  Thursday, Forest Henderson, Michele Wolf and Kelly Grinnan traveled to New Hampshire and installed the display, with Forest staying overnight and clerking on Friday morning.  On Sunday, Forest returned and along with Marsha Fredericks and Brian Leib took the display down and returned plants to their owners.  Dick and Eleanor Phillips installed a small hobbyist display.

It is clear from the pictures of the displays that society members took several best of class awards (Angraecum, unnamed Phal, Cattleya) but we still await the official ribbon judging results.. These will be posted when they become available.  Dick and Eleanor Phillips, Marsha Fredericks and Michele Wolf kindly provide pictures.

Dick and Eleanor Phillips hobbyist display